Attack Poverty Annual Report

The annual report for Attack Poverty involved a massive design effort requiring a cohesive yet individualized look for each section. The design also featured numerous infographics, as well as photo spreads. Date : Client : Category : Share: December 2020 Attack Poverty Graphic Design Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on […]

Bush Center Brochure

Bush Center Brochure Featuring a traditional approach, this design emphasizes the Bush Center’s scholastic achievements at Houston Christian High School. By utilizing the forward-facing arrow element throughout, the arrow translated the theme of momentum through the design.  Date : Client : Category : Share : October 2019 Houston Christian High School Graphic Design

Full Image

Full Image | Women of the Bible Featuring 33 unique portraits of women in the Bible, this stunning book showcases the work of Sarah Beth Baca and tells the stories of these often glossed over heroes of the faith. Designed as a hardcover art book, the design takes a minimalist approach in order to accentuate […]